Given the Right Push: A Guestroom Inspiration Board

Hello there, long lost friend. 
Not only have I been very absent from this blog, I have also been feeling very absent from decorating our house. Since we bought our house two years ago, we've made plans to chug-along to update rooms and spaces bit-by-bit. Then baby M came along and (like most 1st babies do) he stole away our attention. So the house gets cleaned but it's stayed in the same state for almost a year now.

After we had a water leak in our kitchen, we realized it would be the best time to push through with an entire kitchen renovation. But renovations hang on contractor and bank lender time, so we're still in limbo to get the project started.

But then I was reminded that Grandma was coming for Easter. Yes, THIS Easter. 
Our guest room is not ready for guests. Somehow it become a storage/sewing room. Oh, and I also sold the bed that used to reside there. So... I was given just the push I needed to finally get the guest room up to par.

The room is very long and narrow with an odd step-up closet along the center of the wall. 

When we first moved in, we had new carpet installed (Barbie pink carpet just didn't seem welcoming). Though, there's still pink carpet hiding out in the bottom of the closet.

The guest room when we bought the house.

I want to keep the room easy to swap around (for any future house guest rooms) so I'm choosing furniture and linens that can be re-utilized again in other rooms if needed.

4 - Mount Vernon Carpet in Cement Gray

We loved the look of Room and Board's Parson Bed but I couldn't swallow the price. But when I saw there was a less expensive option, I knew I had to try.

I'm still undecided on wall color, but I know I need to pull the trigger on one soon because the bed frame will be here any day now!

My plan is to set up the room in this layout:

We have a little desk that I currently use for sewing that tucks nicely behind the door. With a full-sized bed I'll have just enough room to tuck two side tables in against each wall and barely enough room to open the bi-fold closet doors. The lamps are meant to be up-lights but upon further inspection I noticed they had hole in the back so I plan to get them up on the wall if possible (crossing my fingers). I'm undecided about replacing the ceiling fan with a pendant light. I may look at swapping it out with an updated ceiling fan like we did in the other two bedrooms. But I do love the woven wood on this pendant light.

It's been so long since I've put together an inspiration board for a room and I can't wait to get going on this project now! Do you ever wait until the last minute to get going on a project? Do you feel that extra shove to finish up lingering projects when you know you have guests coming to stay?

Kitchen Renovation: Inspiration and Materials

We've been shopping around for several weeks now to figure out what materials we want to use in the kitchen remodel. I'm happy to share some of our final selections!

Countertop: Caesarstone Nougat

We originally thought we'd go with an Ikea kitchen, since I've heard good things about their cabinets from other bloggers and they're more in our price range. I struggled using the Ikea Kitchen Planner but it helped us determine how we wanted to shift our appliances and the flow throughout the kitchen. We began looking into shipment options for the cabinets (the closest Ikea is in Houston!) but the reality of shipment costs, crossing our fingers that we had measurements correct and then building all those cabinets from scratch was daunting. So we changed gears. That's when I came across the online reviews for Cliq Studios! We worked with a Cliq Studios designer to set up our new kitchen layout and so far I have only GREAT things to say about them. It's been painless so far. I'm looking forward to ordering the cabinets and setting them up. But first....we have a loan to secure, a contractor to choose and a kitchen to demo. Whew!

In the meantime, here are some kitchens I'm pulling inspiration from:


New Year - Big Changes

I'm not on the anti-resolutions bandwagon. I like taking the start of a new year to reflect on the previous year and set new goals and challenges for the year ahead. 

This year, I've decided to get back into blogging. I enjoy blogging. I use it as a creative outlet. And with several big home changes (read: kitchen renovation) coming up this year, I'm hoping it will also keep me set to deadlines....hoping.

My other goals for the year are to improve my photography skills, start a garden, paint more (and no, this doesn't include painting walls in my house), have guests over to our house more often and get back into exercising.


Don't worry, I have an entire year to check these off my list :)

This new year will also bring along my 30th birthday. I always thought I'd make a "30 before 30" list, but I've realized that's not "me". My birthday would begin to feel like a daunting deadline...not something to celebrate. Which leaves me more time to accomplish my year-long goals instead. 

I've broken my yearly goals down into small items that I know I can accomplish. I'll share them throughout the year, so I can hold myself accountable. 

So, after almost a one year hiatus, I hope to be posting here more often and hearing from you!

Happy New Year!

A New Life for Stumps: Plans for Outdoor Seating

A few months ago our neighbor had a backyard tree removed. They hauled out the chunks of tree trunk to the curb for trash pick-up later in the week. For several days I looked at those stumps and dreamed of how they would look sitting around our little campfire pit. So, I finally convinced Hubby to roll several of the heavy beasts into our backyard. 

I was so giddy. I started thinking up ideas on how to paint the tops to make them a little modern. 

And yet, they've sat. Just tree stumps sitting around out fire pit. The spring rain has made them look grungy and sad. So, now that we're back to a somewhat routine schedule again around here, I've decided these beasts need to get beautified before Hubby says they need to go. :)

My inspiration:

 (via Pennyweight)

A stump used as a coffee table :)

This is similar to what I have in mind.
I like the look of the white tops, but I may leave the rough bark on the outsides as well.

See that gray stump? I love it!

If I do decide to take off the exterior bark, I think I'll keep the wood most natural looking. 

I like the look Becca gave her stump.

(via Pinterest)

Look how nice these stumps look when paired up with a table for eating outdoors.

I can't wait to get started on my stumps!

Ideas for a Big House Outdate: Guest Bathroom Inspiration

I have several ideas for how I'd like our guest bath to look, but what's within our budget is an entirely different story. With so many updates needed throughout the house, I'm hopeful to make some easy bathroom updates within a small project budget.

We recently has someone come out to the house to give us a quote on installing a new acrylic bathtub & surround. I was willing to consider this route only because I thought it was a quick turn-around and would be cheaper than installing our own tub & surround. Instead, what we found was that the wait time for ordering our tub could be over a month and the price was much higher than I expected for acrylic walls.  I'm hopeful that I can price out a much cheaper bath reno and perhaps learn some essential DIY tips along the way.

I've been saving up some inspirational images for our tiny guest bath to get my mind going on what materials and overall look I want in this space.

Lowes inspiration via Pinterest

I'm adding small nooks like this as a "must" to our new design.

We have a low vanity (29" high) in this bathroom and as much as I'd like to replace the vanity all-together, it's not in our budget. So, I've been looking into getting a classic white vessel sink to bring the sink up higher.

Vanity via Censational Girl

I like how this bathroom vanity turned out. Plus, I like the white vessel sink.

Contemporary Bathroom via Houzz

I love the look of lower tub surrounds. To me, they make the tub seem spa-like.

Planked wall bathroom via DecorPad

Here's another example. I've been toying with the idea of adding horizontal wall planks around the bathroom. I love how the planking is tied in to the tub surround here.

Pantry doors via Apartment Therapy

We have a very odd door placement that really crowds the entire bathroom. So, when I spotted these slim double doors, I started tinkering with the idea of creating a similar door system. I'm not sure how I could address privacy concerns, but for now it's still an idea. 

I'm in the process of pulling together my ideas board and staying occupied with wallpaper removal. Ugh.

A Project Here And a Project There: Home Renovation Projects

We've been busy, busy at the house lately. My job as a stay-at-home mom has proven to be difficult when adding on all the little house renovation projects we've let build up. 

My kitchen is still missing several cabinet doors for project: Remove, Sand & Repaint. I started by removed all the outdated trim from every cabinet door. Since then, I've tested a paint remover on one cabinet door and then neglected this project all together.

We started building my dream built-in: a window seat bench that has filing drawers below. Hubby got a good start on this project while the Little Mr. and I took a trip to see my sister and her family. We have the entire seat framed out, but we still need to build the drawers, paint everything and I need to make a seat cushion.

I also went crazy during a good naptime from the Little Mr. and decided to rip all the wallpaper down from the guest bathroom. I removed all the hardware and fixtures, but only got the first layer of wallpaper off before naptime ended. So, our guest bath is barely functioning.

And the #1 house project going on right now are floors! We ordered flooring from Lumber Liquidators several weeks ago and Hubby finally got some time to rip out all the teal carpet from the living/dining room. I spent time the other afternoon pulling up old carpet staples from the subfloor. We hope to get the floors installed this weekend so the Little Mr. has some space to play again.

So, please excuse my long absence and wish us luck on getting some of these projects complete so I can finally share some after photos with you! :)

Gray + Color: Living Room Inspiration

We're in the process of finding the perfect gray paint for our living/dining room, so this image is very inspiring.
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