Kitchen Renovation: Source List

Today I wanted to share with you some kitchen sources. Again, feel free to ask any questions!

Cabinets: Cliq Studios Dayton - Painted White
Fridge: our old Samsung beast
Lights: Halo SLD6 LED recessed lights

Dishwasher: our previous Whirlpool model
Backsplash: Del Conca Ancient Gray Stone Porcelain Tile

Faucet: Delta Trask Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
Sink: 50/50 Low Divide Stainless Steel Sink
Counterops:  Caesarstone in Nougat

Range: Electrolux Wave-Touch Gas Slide-In Range
Vent: KitchenAid 36" Range Hood
Cabinet Handles/Pulls: Amerock Blackrock Pulls and Amerock Blackrock Square Cabinet Knobs

Flooring: TrafficMASTER Ceramica 12 in. x 24 in. Concrete Resilient Vinyl Tiles
Paint: Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl OC-52 lightened 50%
Bar Cabinet: Baltimore Modern Bar Cabinet

Kitchen Renovation: The Completed Reveal

You've been waiting months for this and now I am finally able to deliver! The kitchen has been "completed" for about a month now and we're still on the search for a kitchen island to float between the fridge wall and the oven wall. But I had to get over the fact that to me, the kitchen doesn't seem "done".

This is what we had before:

 We had these two great windows and a long wall of....cabinets. This side of the kitchen was an add-on so all the appliance connections were set-up previously on the other side of the kitchen.
 These cabinets were great storage but served no other purpose. We kept the same cabinet footprint but chose to move the sink to this wall so I could enjoy the backyard views while doing dishes.

 I'm so happy we made this swap. It's my favorite change to the kitchen layout! I've also jumped on the "open shelving" bandwagon. We'd taken down some cabinet doors when we first moved in (to air out the musty-smelling cabinets) and never put them back up. I realized I'd already been living with open shelving for more than a year and I loved the convenience of putting away everyday dishes so quickly.

You may have also noticed from the before photo that we used to have a cooktop in the center of the kitchen - see the brick island to the right of the photo?

We tried so many different configurations so we could keep that cooktop, but in the end we realized that the island made very narrow walkways through the kitchen (we had to lift several pieces of furniture up over the cooktop to get them through the kitchen when we first moved in).

We tore down the brick and chose to get an all-in-one range. Greatest-decision! Greatest-oven!

 I love having a full-sized oven again and we were adamant about having 5 gas burners to replace our old cooktop. This range was a headache to finally get (damaged shipment of the 1st one, out of stock, month long wait for a new one, installation issues) but well worth it!

We moved the fridge to the opposite wall, which used to be where the sink was located.
Again, I chose for some open shelving for easy access to glasses and breakfast bowls. I also had a tall pantry installed so I could finally have all our dry goods in one location.

The flooring was originally vinyl (over vinyl, over what looked like more vinyl). This whole renovation stemmed from a dishwasher leak that caused the old vinyl floor to buckle and the subfloor to get spongy-soft.

We opted to keep our costs low and tried out the new groutable vinyl tiles. We're very impressed. Everyone assumes they're porcelain tiles - they're that amazing!

It really is a HUGE improvement from the old kitchen layout.  Of course we had several complaints with our contractor and we were WAY off schedule, but I'm so happy to have the kitchen "finished". Let me know if you have any questions. I'll follow-up later this week with a compiled source list.

Entryway Organization: Inspiration to Get Started

I know that I owe you some kitchen photos, but I'm holding off on some final details that need to be added (like an island). I'm thinking I'll put together a punch list of items and share with you what we have thus far. Hey, at least you'll be getting something.

In the meantime, I'm rolling around some ideas for our front entry. The Hubby is frustrated by the pile up of bags by the front door and last year I finally corralled all our shoes into a basket, but we are lacking a spot to hang our coats (and coat season is upon us). We've toyed with the idea of getting a formal coat tree and stashing it in the corner of the living room, but I keep feeling like that would be too stuffy looking when you walked in the front door. Oh, our front door.... This door opens up to our living room and dining room. There's no divider wall whatsoever, so you see it all at once. Now I love a good challenge, but the concept of creating three functioning spaces that all flow together is making my head ache. This space is just a big mess, but at least I'm not dealing with teal carpet in here any more. Anyway. Back to my ideas for the entry. 

I'm hoping to reuse most of the furniture we already have in this space, but working with the awkward layout. I plan to keep our shoes stored in the basket (it seems to work for our family), but I want to include a small bench so we can sit down to put shoes on/off. I also want to add some wall hooks for bags and coats. I like the look of these entryways:

via: Jenna Sue

Kitchen Renovation Update: Demolition

And just like that - our kitchen is now in full demolition mode.

 We received our kitchen cabinets a week before the kitchen demo started. We opened a few of the cabinet boxes and I'm so excited to get them installed!

During the first week, we had the cabinets and brick island removed.

We also had a "hump" in our subfloor that had to be leveled.

 Revealing the glorious green linoleum!

Opening up some of the doorways and walls reminds me of how old this house really is!

The walls are hiding all kinds of random wood. Perhaps they built this house with whatever random wood the had on hand?

So while I stare at a dismantled room, I cheer myself up with these amazing images.

We plan to add some floating shelves above the microwave and on either side of the windows above the sink.

I remind myself this project will take some time but the outcome will be worth it!

New Additions: Changing up the Mom Wardrobe

As you can probably guess from the post title, I have been stuck in a mom-wardrobe rut. I find myself reaching for my mom-length twill shorts and my bra-approved racer back tank tops day in and day out. I feel like I'm just stuck on repeat. 

I recently took a much needed solo trip to the Loft to spend my Mother's Day gift card, but came back slightly empty handed. Don't get me wrong, there were some CUTE items. However, I am in mom mode 24/7 - no office meetings - no air conditioned office from 9-5. I am chasing around a little boy outside, wrestling off dirty diapers and mopping up after snacks. I need clothes that say, "I have a personality" without compromising my daily mission.

You get me, right?

So I've been window shopping (because let's face it, mom's don't have time for dragging a toddler through a clothing store to shop for themselves) for the right items to update summer wardrobe.

1) Chiffon Shirt Dress
Perfect mom length - no tushies showing when bending over to retrieve a tantrum child.
2) Vistawood Printed Tank
3) Floral Brim Burlap Baseball Cap
I bought this cap right before it sold out. I love having for days we walk to the park.
4) Boyfriend Cuffed Denim Shorts
5) 1969 Stud Raw-Edge Maddie Denim Shorts
6) Stripe Tie Waist Linen Cotton Shorts
These shorts came home with me after my solo trip to the Loft. They're just dressy enough to look nice, but the elastic waistband = all day comfort.
7) White Lace-up Canvas Sneakers
8) Embroidered Sleeveless Top
I love having shirts that can hide my mommy-tummy and accentuate my mom muscle arms (I've been packing around a growing baby for almost 2 years now).
9) Tiered Eyelet Tank
Again, another flattering top for my mom features.
10) Sammy Popover Dress
11) Tan Dylan Sandal
I nabbed some of these sandals on a quick trip for batteries. They are surprisingly comfortable and come in handy for disguising my toenails on days I am in need of a pedicure :)

As you can see, I'm leaning towards several feminine pieces, which is rare for me. Perhaps after living with a house of boys, I'm starting to feel the urge to claim my right as a female in the house?

P.S. I've also discovered that somehow I've acquired too many black clothes - I don't think they'll come in handy during these hot, Southern summers.

Have you found any amazing staples to add to your mom wardrobe? Or have you uncovered that comfy shirt that still hides dirt?

Given the Right Push: A Guestroom Inspiration Board

Hello there, long lost friend. 
Not only have I been very absent from this blog, I have also been feeling very absent from decorating our house. Since we bought our house two years ago, we've made plans to chug-along to update rooms and spaces bit-by-bit. Then baby M came along and (like most 1st babies do) he stole away our attention. So the house gets cleaned but it's stayed in the same state for almost a year now.

After we had a water leak in our kitchen, we realized it would be the best time to push through with an entire kitchen renovation. But renovations hang on contractor and bank lender time, so we're still in limbo to get the project started.

But then I was reminded that Grandma was coming for Easter. Yes, THIS Easter. 
Our guest room is not ready for guests. Somehow it become a storage/sewing room. Oh, and I also sold the bed that used to reside there. So... I was given just the push I needed to finally get the guest room up to par.

The room is very long and narrow with an odd step-up closet along the center of the wall. 

When we first moved in, we had new carpet installed (Barbie pink carpet just didn't seem welcoming). Though, there's still pink carpet hiding out in the bottom of the closet.

The guest room when we bought the house.

I want to keep the room easy to swap around (for any future house guest rooms) so I'm choosing furniture and linens that can be re-utilized again in other rooms if needed.

4 - Mount Vernon Carpet in Cement Gray

We loved the look of Room and Board's Parson Bed but I couldn't swallow the price. But when I saw there was a less expensive option, I knew I had to try.

I'm still undecided on wall color, but I know I need to pull the trigger on one soon because the bed frame will be here any day now!

My plan is to set up the room in this layout:

We have a little desk that I currently use for sewing that tucks nicely behind the door. With a full-sized bed I'll have just enough room to tuck two side tables in against each wall and barely enough room to open the bi-fold closet doors. The lamps are meant to be up-lights but upon further inspection I noticed they had hole in the back so I plan to get them up on the wall if possible (crossing my fingers). I'm undecided about replacing the ceiling fan with a pendant light. I may look at swapping it out with an updated ceiling fan like we did in the other two bedrooms. But I do love the woven wood on this pendant light.

It's been so long since I've put together an inspiration board for a room and I can't wait to get going on this project now! Do you ever wait until the last minute to get going on a project? Do you feel that extra shove to finish up lingering projects when you know you have guests coming to stay?

Kitchen Renovation: Inspiration and Materials

We've been shopping around for several weeks now to figure out what materials we want to use in the kitchen remodel. I'm happy to share some of our final selections!

Countertop: Caesarstone Nougat

We originally thought we'd go with an Ikea kitchen, since I've heard good things about their cabinets from other bloggers and they're more in our price range. I struggled using the Ikea Kitchen Planner but it helped us determine how we wanted to shift our appliances and the flow throughout the kitchen. We began looking into shipment options for the cabinets (the closest Ikea is in Houston!) but the reality of shipment costs, crossing our fingers that we had measurements correct and then building all those cabinets from scratch was daunting. So we changed gears. That's when I came across the online reviews for Cliq Studios! We worked with a Cliq Studios designer to set up our new kitchen layout and so far I have only GREAT things to say about them. It's been painless so far. I'm looking forward to ordering the cabinets and setting them up. But first....we have a loan to secure, a contractor to choose and a kitchen to demo. Whew!

In the meantime, here are some kitchens I'm pulling inspiration from:

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