my ebay search for all things danish

I've been in search of danish inspired furniture and I've gotten carried away by all the great designs I found on ebay.

I love these lamps- very vintage. Danish table lamps-ebay.

A very modern set of salt & pepper shakers-ebay.
Or you can opt for something a little more vintage looking- see below.

These spoons seems so dainty and modern. Spoon set-ebay.

I'm in love with the handle on this pepper grinder-ebay.

This amazing little horse can add some happiness to a mantle! You can always opt to give it a new color with some paint. Stylized ceramic horse-ebay.

Vintage 1970's vase-ebay. This vase would look beautiful with some red blossoms hanging over the rim!

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January 5, 2008 at 9:15 PM

I LOVE those lamps! Nice blog, thanks for the link to Design Scouting. xo Abbey

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