Reorganizing the Closet

This is by far my favorite laundry hamper. With four different sorting compartments, you have the freedom to really sort clothes how you wash. I prefer the white, lights, darks and jeans myself.
I'm not very picky when it comes to organizing my shoes (aside from storing my heels on a shelf). I don't like to store them in individual shoe boxes because I slack at keeping things put away. Instead, I choose to throw my shoes in bins at the bottom of my closet.
Target: Large Bin/Lid Set ($15.98/2)

This is a great way to keep your sweaters or bulky clothes stacked neatly at the top shelf of your closet.
The Container Store: Solid Shelf Divider ($6.99/2)

You could also keep sweaters folded up in boxes that allow you to view what is inside. I prefer the look of these boxes. (No hassling with a lid or drawer.)
Target: Canvas Sweater Bin ($29.98/2)

Yes, I admit to being an underwear folder. I agree that you could use any kind of box (even an old shoe box wrapped in decorative paper) to organize your underwear or any other items, but I like the invisibility these provide.
The Container Store: Clear Underwear Boxes ($7.99/2)

I also admit that it was just recently that I started taking better care of my bras by folding them up and stacking them in drawers. I was surprised at how much easier it was to locate the bra I was looking to wear and they've also never been in better shape.
The Container Store: Clear Bra Boxes ($7.99/2)

This is the greatest accessory hook I have found yet. The large loop provides ample space for the MANY belts, scarves, etc. that I own and it takes up very little space in my closet.

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