Bedroom Wall Lamps {clusters}

I'm on the look-out for some wall lamps for our bedroom. Why is it that your bedroom is always the last place you put your decorating sense to use? I love the structure of these lamps, though many are too high for my budget right now. Croft & Little: Reform Sconce by Jonothan Adler ($154)

I love the scissor arm on this lamp!Croft & Little: Scissor Arm Pharmacy Sconce by Robert Abbey Lighting ($133.10)
Lamps Plus: Brushed Steel Swing Arm Wall Lamp ($119.98)

This lamp looks small and minuscule, but still has modern flare.Bellacor: Grenoble Wall Sconce ($131.40)

This wall lamp reminds me off lamps you might see in a hotel room. Why not create the same look in your own bedroom?Bellacor: Hanover Small Wall Sconce ($190)

Ikea always has decent prices and I was able to find some wall lamps that have a nice aesthetic to add to the ambiance I am building for our bedroom.Ikea: Basisk ($12.99)

Ikea: Flygge ($11.99)

I like the mix of wood and metal material in this lamp because it creates a soft look to the metal.Ikea: Ljus ($9.99)

This lamp has a modern, industrial look that I also think could work in our space. The look could off-set the softness of the bedding in our room.Ikea: Kramare ($9.99)

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December 16, 2008 at 10:24 PM

Wow..! Nice selection of wall lamps. I too got a beautiful lamp from Bellacor.

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