More, More Mobiles

Oh, how I do love mobiles! I've stumbled upon some more mobiles that would be so fun to add to a room.

These are some amazing mobiles that are created in Denmark at the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen by Flensted Mobiles.
Hanging Mobile Gallery: Scandinavian Swan ($25)

Hanging Mobile Gallery: Balloon Three ($31)

Hanging Mobile Gallery: H.C. Andersen Ballet ($36.50)

Hanging Mobile Gallery: Panda ($24.50)

Hanging Mobile Gallery: Shoal of Fish ($46)

Hanging Mobile Gallery: Swallow ($26.50)

Hanging Mobile Gallery: Circular Bunnies ($29)

Too bad these are so expensive. They look amazing when many are grouped together.
mmckenna: Orchadia Mobile ($580)
via: technabob

More and more mobiles...
Pottery Barn: Hanging Dog Decor ($19.99)

The Abstract Home: Silver Leaves ($40)

Pottery Barn: Hanging Pinwheels ($44)

The Abstract Home: Green Leaves Mobile by Ekko Mobiles ($350)

Ekko Mobiles: Feathers ($50)

These mobiles may be some of my new favorites. Although they are made of paper, they have such an delicate look about them that makes them irresistible.
frazier & wing: Recycled Magazine Mobile FW37 ($150)

frazier & wing: White/Green Paper Mobile ($150)

Another great place to find mobiles is at Mod Mobiles online. You can browse through their many mobile designs here.

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