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We have finally rid ourselves of the cheap Rooms to Go sleeper sofa we bought to use for the in-laws stay in our small apartment. After months of arguing with Rooms to Go about the issues we were having with this sofa, they finally gave in and gave us our $ back. (Advice: Don't buy from this furniture store unless you like low quality products and enjoy rude customer service.)

But, all of this means its time to get an amazing sofa to celebrate our hard-headedness! We (as in me) have decided that we need a contemporary piece to offset our wooden and leather Norwegian chairs. We've also chosen to leave the "sleeper" out of our sofa and just buy a queen sized air mattress.

This is what I'm looking into so far:Room and Board: Andre in Digit Paprika ($1,599)

Room and Board: Andre in Teton Pewter ($1,699)

Modeabode: Bohemian Modern Microfiber Sofa ($929)
Chia'sso: Abby Sofa ($1,098)

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