Tea Towels {clusters}

I stumbled upon an old invite to a "Mad Tea Towel Party" and it inspired me to check out some fun tea towels. I think the best place to find fun and unique tea towels is at ToDryFor.com.

ToDryFor: Birdsong (sea green) by Lush Designs (£10.00)

I love these stacked dishes lettering.
ToDryFor.com: Do the Dishes by Showpony (£11.00)

This tea towel has a map of London on it!
ToDryFor.com: London Map by Unity Peg (£8.00)

For the Dads who actually do dishes...such pride!
ToDryFor: Daddy Tea Towel by Pintuck (£9.50)

ToDryFor.com: Give Me Sunshine by Pintuck (£9.50)

I would like to consider myself a domestic goddess.
Joanne Hudson Basics: T&M Towel ($14.99)

The red color makes me so happy.
Etsy seller FlowerPress: Orange Chrysanthemum Tea Towel ($12)

Etsy seller Leannegraeff: House Portrait Tea Towel Set ($75/3)

Etsy seller GloamingDesigns: Snapshot Tea Towel from Vacances Series ($19)

Very Eames-like.
Etsy seller skinnylaminx: Borrowed Spoons teatowl ($12)

Urban Outfitters: Tea Towel ($8)

2 Response to Tea Towels {clusters}

August 21, 2008 at 11:12 AM

i love this collection of tea towels! great choices. my favorite use of my tea towels? to cover the tv on the bookshelf when it is not in use!

October 7, 2008 at 7:19 PM

Sweet towels.

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