Wrapping up the week with: Tape

Oh the things I could do with tape. Especially if I were using tape like this:
Fred Flare: Kid Parade Tape ($10)

Organize.com: Pop Packing Tape in Cloud Pattern ($5.49)

Tapebrothers.com: White and Green Polka Dot Tape ($2.26)

Tapebrothers.com: Pro-Imperial Measurement Tape ($8.72)

Oriental Trading: Paper Art Tape ($1.47-1.99)

And of course I would love to display my tape in one of these dispensers:Haus Modern Living: Spence Tape Dispenser ($31.50)

See Jane Work: Silver Tape Dispenser ($30)

Design Within Reach: Heavy-Weight Tape Dispenser ($60)

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February 14, 2009 at 5:08 PM

Love the tape posts, i'm a fellow tape lover, please check out my blog


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