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If you've noticed, I've been delayed in posts due to our "hurrication" we took to leave New Orleans for hurricane Gustav. We are back at home now and have cleaned out the fridge from spoiled food after the electricity was out for days. It is strange to return to a city that was empty for days- its amazing to realize what would happen to a city that remained uninhabited for a period of time. Nature definitely sets in. While we were gone, I received an amazing email from Very Short List that featured Telemegaphone Dale, which is a loudspeaker set up on top of a mountain in Dale, Norway. You can place a phone call to the loudspeaker, which will project your voice across the surrounding mountains and valleys. Can you say, sweet? I would wish for my own personal line so I could speak out at any time, like when I am furiously angry or I need to share an idea.

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