Pick o' the Day: Play Kit Bins

Genius Jones: Play Kit ($28.50)

These play kits would be perfect to store small projects by the couch when looking to multi-task (i.e. while watching television). The maple top gives you a flat surface to work and lets you slide everything right back into the tub when you're ready to start another projects.
You can use the bright colored bins to color code your projects. Mine would be something like:
Orange= Halloween party ideas (we're planning a Halloween party for our neighbors and friends and I have way TOO many ideas!)
Pink= Photos & Frames (we're adding more to our wall, but I'm getting picky on matching up frames and photos)
Yellow= Pillow making pieces (I'm making my own pillows for our couch)
Red= Christmas presents (I have- of course- too many lists and cut outs for diy Christmas gifts and last year I slacked on getting started early enough to complete the majority of them, so this year...I will conquer!)

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