Setting schedules straight.

Well, this hurricane season is messing with my schedule, so I've been having to make a new schedule....and lists on top of lists. Yes, I am a list person with piles of lists everywhere for everything! Like, lists of recipes I might want to make for dinner, lists of people I need to write letters to, lists of songs I want to download, or just a general to-do list. Here's to those of us who like to make lists and keep a schedule:

I love this daily planner because the pages have been hand drawn to jot down your plans onto! You can see the pages in the next image below.

I think these little strips would help me cut down on the number of time I have to remind M. when and where we have plans made- especially for the weekend.Etsy seller elles: Date & Place Strips ($3.25/12)

Elles also makes these mini calendars that are amazing.Etsy seller elles: 2009 Calendar Mini Album ($7.99)

This is a great idea to cut down on the sticky-notes I go through!
See Jane Work: Ceramic Memo Board ($15)

An amazing flip-top notebook to pack around to jot down your last minute notes. The cover is made of wood.

Night Owl Paper Goods: Star Flower Jotter ($9)

You can pick your own cover from these day planners.Etsy seller Sarahpinto: 2009 Weekly Planner ($25)

I love cloth calendars. It makes the year feel permanent. Etsy seller cicadastudio: 2009 Tea Towel Wall Calendar ($28)

Ok. How cute are these?!Etsy seller YeeHaw: Pink Cupcakes Make People Happy Mini Calendars 2009 ($20/2)

The wood block with this calendar is an added bonus.See Jane Work: Eco-Chic Desk Calendar ($23)

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September 16, 2008 at 6:16 PM

love that cupcakes make people happy calendar. cupcakes are very popular here in sealand. When my mom visited I took her to Cupcake Royal in Ballard. We shared a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It was delicious. :)

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