Get your gear together and hike out into the night to watch the stars. The nights are starting to cool down and they become an excellent time to plot your course in the skies. You can invest in a classy, all-clad telescope to turn your nights searching the sky into a hobby.Edmund Scientifics: Celestron StarHopper 6 Dobsonian Telescope ($249)

Kohl's: Galileo Reflector Telescope ($199.99)

Or you could buy a small portable telescope to tote along. Either way, you will enjoy the stars with or without a telescope to look through.National Geographic: Portable Family Telescope ($39.95)

These lights would be excellent to pack along on the trip to add some light to your surroundings without interfering with the dark night needed to see the stars. Both of these lights are rechargeable so they can be used night after night for your outings.Land of Nod: Glow Light and Tops ($39.99 + $2.99 per Glow Top)

Land of Nod: OXO Luau Rechargeable Light ($199.99)

Pack some coffee and some wine for this late night outing. You can put it all in this backpack and hike to your favorite star gazing spot on the hill.Beverage Factory: Brighton Coffee Backpack for 2 ($76.45)

You could also pack along some soup in these canisters. Bring some sandwiches or bread for dipping.Pottery Barn: Ceramic Canisters ($16-34)

Grab a comfy outdoor blanket to lay back on.West Bend Woolen Mills: Woolrich Hudson's Bay Blanket ($295)

Pendelton Woolen Mills: Roll-Up Blanket ($98)

Ballard Designs: Sunbrella Outdoor Blanket ($139)

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September 16, 2008 at 11:27 PM

Speaking of star gazing, one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen was the moon from the wheelhouse...a long, shiny, liquid streak-reflection on the water. Unbelievable.

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