Apologies: New Home Photos (Before)

So, with the move I have been so caught up in packing and now unpacking that not only have I been super slow getting these photos posted of our new place, but I also am on the look for our camera cord to share with you some new photos I've taken. In the meantime, here are the photos we took of the house before we moved in.

The room off our bedroom. We use it as a "walk-in" closet and meditation room.

The second bedroom. As you can see it has been painted a pumpkin orange. We're thinking of keeping it this way.

The bathroom was recently upgraded and you can tell that it is by far the "newest" room in the house. The opposite wall has a very shallow built-in bookcase that will come in handy for storage.

Some photos of the kitchen- my least favorite part of the house. You can tell that the kitchen was originally designed to not hold all these appliances because of their odd locations and hook-ups.

This room is right off the kitchen. Probably used as a breakfast nook. Perhaps a mini bar would suffice for us. :)

The mantle in the dining room and the doors leading out to the screened porch. The fireplaces have not been in use for the many decades the current owner has lived there so we don't plan on opening them up to build a fire anytime soon. Plus, we live in New Orleans remember?

The fireplace in the living room and doors that lead into the dining room.

This is the first view you have of the house when you walk up the staircase. I love the light in this room (living room).

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