Home Updates: Length is important

A big item on my "new home to-do" list is either finding or making extra long curtains for our bedroom, walk-in closet (what we like to call our mediation room) and to cover the actual closet since we've taken down the sliding doors. This totals up to be at least 10 curtains panels needed!

In desperation we spent an entire evening after work traveling to every big name home decor store in search for some affordable long curtains. We ended up finding a sale going on at JCPenny and the hubby found some decorative curtains that we decided to purchase. We got them home and hung them up, happy to finally be rid of the dusty white blinds. Now we wish we would have spent more time choosing the curtains because they are perhaps a little over dramatic and we would also like them to be even longer. Aaah! Curtain woes.

We were told by a friend that a good fabric source is to purchase tablecloths to sew into curtains so we went on a hunt for long tablecloths, but found that they were just as expensive to purchase as the actual curtain itself. I then started thinking about using king sized flat sheets but I have been unsuccessful at finding the right color of sheet and just the flat sheet, not a sheet set.

So, today the search continues in hope that we can find an affordable solution in time to return the current curtains back to the store. Any suggestions are gladly welcome!

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April 2, 2009 at 3:55 PM

try fabric shower curtains.

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