Spurring Easter DIY crafts: Williams-Sonoma

I rarely ever step inside of a Williams-Sonoma store because I know I will be drooling over all the fancy cookware and table linens. I do take a sneak peek at their online store every now and then, not like I'm going to be able to buy anything, but because they have some cute little items that I know could be replicated at home. Here are some of my new favorites:

These little chocolate umbrellas could be made with paper and filled with candy, etc. They would be fun for a baby shower.

You can find lots of inspiration for holiday decorations and trinkets. Like these little bird's nests. I'm sure you could find small nests at your local crafts store, or even make your own out of small twigs or moss. The eggs will be easy to find at this time of year!

I remember my mom keeping a big box of coated wire in the craft closet when I was growing up. Boy, I wish I had that box right now because I would whip up a bunch of these egg cups for gifts at Easter. Isn't this the greatest way to show off that beautiful egg you dyed?

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