Still Depositing: Random Room Inspirations

I'm still trying to remove the (continually adding) room inspiration images I have collected over the last....let's say two years.

We spotted two lamps identical to this at a furniture store a few weeks ago and they were marked at only $30! My eyes were fixed on them and just as I was telling my husband we should buy them a salesman came and posted "sold" tags on them, followed by one very happy customer who will enjoy having these in her home. No hard feelings, we're in need of a floor lamp but I was willing to make the change in plans.

If you're following this year's Spring Cure with AT, then you know what it is like to feel so relieved to not only be starting a project you've thought about for so long, but also just to tackle such a big issue and feel the self-gratitude of accomplishing the task at hand. I am still in the tackling process.

I've been sifting through boxes and boxes and bins and bags full of paper clippings, old greeting cards (including wedding gift cards), magazines, catalogs and all my old school "notes" from design and advertising courses. These things really do all add up. And with a "work-from-home" temptation luring over me I want to feel like my home office is adequate enough to actually work in.

I love this dark blue wall and white trimming!

I am realising my clutter issues in hopes for a brighter future and more organized home office life. I was always so organized where I was working, but the idea of an organized office at home was just unconceivable because of all the paperwork we've collected and feel a need to hold on to. Plus a home office usually doubles as an "everything else room" including workout room, scrapbooking room, sewing room, and storage for all sports equipment (hockey, golf and soccer).

I dream of built-in bookcases, do you?

Yes, I do wish I had a garage or a third room to stuff all these belongings into, but then I'm not tackling the real issue at hand- the fact that most of the clutter is material items we forget we even own because we know its just really clutter.

I am drawn to the low hanging pendant lamp and dark shades.

Instead, I am reaching for my goal of only owning things we enjoy using on a regular basis- because we will have time to enjoy them rather than be constantly cleaning and purging. I have goals set to be able to clean my home without sweating because I know where everything belongs and that it is already well taken care of. Perhaps I can just win a dream home and move in leaving all my belongings at home and start fresh :)

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