Tauntingly Light: Affordable Stacked Rock Lamp

I first spotted this lamp in VivaTerra's catalog and fell in love. I kept wishing I could find numerous beautiful rocks with pre-drilled holes so I could create my own (for much less than the asking price). I gave up after months of trying to figure out a realistic and affordable way to recreate VivaTerra's rock lamp.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I spotted a very similar lamp on sale ($38.70!!!) on Wisteria's website!

The stones seem a little more polished up and I would definitely switch the lampshade to a round drum, but this is such an amazing steal! My new rule of thumb before I allow myself to purchase anything (especially for our new home) is that I must figure out exactly where the item will go. I'm in the process of searching my house for a place for this lamp. (Alas, I think we need some actual furniture to place the lamp on first...)

I also recently spotted this lamp at Pier 1 that reminded me of this rock lamp, but with a much more modern look.

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