Strawberry Festival: Overload

Saturday we drove to Ponchatoula to experience the Strawberry Festival- not knowing what to expect really. Ponchatoula is a small community that is definitely proud of their antiques and crafts. And of course we saw LOTS of strawberries. Before you even got to the grounds there were crates of strawberries being sold out of the back of trucks parked alongside of the street! We purchased a small basket of strawberries from the wife of the Strawberry Festival's King- local celebrity sighting!

Not only were there strawberries by the crates, there were also bikers by the dozens! For some reason strawberries obviously attract the Harley Davidson crowd...or pehaps the antiques...or the strawberry daiquiris and late night music. Whatever attracted them was like flowers to bees! I've never been to a real Harley Davidson get-together, but I've never seen so many bikes at one time before!

We grabbed two strawberry daiquiris (made with real strawberries) and ordered a bloomin' onion- delicious! We joined the crowds weaving about food vendors, craft huts and carnival games.

The weather was amazing and I even scored cotton candy from the hubby! As you can guess, several hours of extra large daiquiris, sun and cotton candy was sugar and heat overload so we packed up our strawberries and headed home. What a great time!

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