A Big Girl's Bike: Part One (the history of my bikes)

So in case you're not up to date, here's the story of bicycles before I reveal the Big Girl's Bike:

I owned several bikes when growing up. The most famous probably being my first bicycle, the Cupcake bike. It was a birthday present and my Dad and I pieced it together on our front porch. I rode that bike for MANY years, mostly with the plastic training wheels on because I didn't have the courage to ride it without them. The bike was stolen once or twice by neighborhood children. As you can imagine, it was a hot bike. But as I got older, my bikes got bigger. And since I lived in the boonies of Idaho we always had mountain bikes.

As I got much older the bikes I owned were much more boring. I chose them by paint jobs rather than the overall style or features. The last bike I owned when still living at home with my parents was painted in a faded in-and-out color of pink and teal. The bike was very neglected though. It was a bike that got me from point A to point B (with a broken brake handle). When I moved away to college I chose not to take the bike with me. It was later sold at a garage sale.

I went bike-less for years in school. I borrowed roommates bikes if I needed one. And then, my senior year in college my roommate, Meg, brought home this amazing baby blue cruiser bike. I was so in love. It was so classic and made you look elegant when riding it. This is when I started loving bicycles again.

After graduating from college, my husband's (fiance at the time) step mother gave me one of her used mountain bikes. This was a perfect gift since I had no bicycle and I was just starting my job at BOB. Everyone at BOB rode a bike and knew bikes and loved bikes and talked about bikes. I rode this old mountain bike to work everyday and parked it next to all the fancy road bikes and hand-built bikes. I felt cool just to own a bike there. We lived in Boise at the time at road our bikes everywhere. Boise is a great city to live in if you want to get around on your bike. The few weeks before we left Boise to move to Louisiana my husband's bike was stolen from our backyard. It was a sad day. No more sunny bike rides together on the Greenbelt, no more bike races up the hill to our house, no more bike partner. We moved to New Orleans and my old mountain bike was chained to the fence along our house, where it sat for over a year. This poor bike was neglected and discarded to the fence. Yes, I am a bad person for owning a bike and not taking care of it.

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