A Big Girl's Bike: Part Two (the big reveal)

As you know by now we moved within the last few months to a new home along St. Charles Avenue where bicyclists throng around the university campuses. Seeing all these bikes made me crave a bike ride, but alas my old mountain bike had practically become one with the Earth. My husband, craving a bike ride himself, began shopping around for new bikes for us. He had his heart set on a hybrid bike and has now test drove his dream bike at least three times now. I rode a few cruiser bikes, thinking I would be reunited with my love for bicycles, but it didn't work. Every day I watched new and old bicycles pass in front of my house and for some reason I found myself eying up the old bikes, the bikes with baskets and bells.

So the other day when my husband asked me how long it would be before I went and picked out a new bike, I confessed to him that I didn't want a new bike, but instead an old classic bike. I jumped on Craigslist that night in hopes of finding out what the asking prices were for bikes like this and lo and behold I found a listing for a "garage full of bikes" and an image of several bikes stacked on top of one another. In this stack, a classic maroon fender caught my eye. The listing read $75 for any bike so I called up the seller and wrote down directions to her home. I loaded up my husband in the car and we set out to see what this "garage full of bikes" had to offer.

The bike I had seen in the posting was still for sale and after pumping some air in the tires I was able to ride it down the block. A wonderful bike! Of course, the breaks weren't working and the tires needed replaced, but I convinced my husband that THIS was the new bike I wanted. This was going to be my new Big Girl's bike that I would take care of and love. We wedged the bike into the back seat of our car, paid the woman $60 and drove off into the sunset! With a little elbow grease and some help from our neighborhood bike shop I hope to be riding this bike by the end of the month! Woot-woot!

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