DIY: Summer Skirts

Here are photos of the three skirts I made during my "internet break". I used the NewLook pattern (above) but made alterations so the skirts would sit lower on my hips.

This is the first skirt I made from the pattern. I had issues with altering the waistband. I also hate using interfacing so I had to work around some of the instructions. I had hoped to add on pockets but after numerous attempts, I decided the pattern wouldn't allow me to add pockets (because of the zipped placement). I also had to remind myself how to sew in a zipper. This was my favorite fabric, so I should have left it for my last skirt...but I was too excited to make a skirt from the fabric.

The second skirt was a breeze. I opted for a wider hem at the bottom of the skirt and I like the way it turned out. So far, this is my favorite finished product.

I paired up this cute white swirly fabric with a yellow fabric because the white fabric was very see-through. I decided to make the white an overlay and turn the yellow into the waistband and hem. I love the color combo!

We'll see how many skirts I whip out. Maybe a dress or shirt are next??

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August 4, 2009 at 7:03 AM

Love those cool looking skirts for summer time!! White and yellow fabric skirt is my favorite!!

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