My Daily Cookbook: Bananas and Lunches

I've been struggling the last few months to come up with original content for this blog (at times I feel like I'm just spitting up the same posts as other blogs I follow) but I'm really going to try to make this blog more personal and let you in on what I am up to.

To start, I have decided to share with you some recipes I use throughout the week. Within the last year I have become a cookbook and recipe addict and go grocery shopping with recipes in hand. We've been pretty good at putting together a dinner menu for the week and then purchasing our groceries for that menu (this is such a money saver because you don't purchase food that doesn't get used before it goes bad). I hope you enjoy the recipes I share!

Today's recipes are for Streusel-topped Banana Bread and Shrimp Pasta Salad.

We had a few bananas go ripe extra early on us so I was saving them in the fridge to use for banana bread. I turned this recipe into banana muffins instead so the hubby could grab one on his way to work in the morning. The recipe comes from a family cookbook my aunt made me as a wedding gift.

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I have been trying to be a good "housewife" and prep lunches for my husband to take with him to work. Today I prepped ahead of my normal schedule and made this scrumptious pasta salad that was published in Martha Stewart's Everyday Food.

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We didn't have mayo for this recipe so I substituted it with Miracle Whip- it gave it a nice zingy flavor.

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