Plant Potting: Some of my favorites

1) Ventura Cachepot from Pottery Barn
2) Rectangular Fiberglass Planter from Target
3) Curved Pot from Crate and Barrel
4) Napa Faceted Cachepots from Simply Planters

5) Round Ceramic Planter from Target
6) Self Watering Pail Planters from Gardener's Supply
7) Cielo Planter from Simply Planters
8) Madison Resin Planter from Simply Planters

9) Square Ceramic Planters from Target
10) Woodgrain Planter from West Elm
11) Hanging Flower Pot from Target
12) Terra Cotta Flower Pot from Home Depot

13) Wet Pots from Gardener's Supply
14) Bloom from Outdora

I LOVE the Wet Pots, but unfortunately they are all sold out. I wonder how difficult it would be to create my own....

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June 10, 2009 at 11:30 PM

You have awesome taste.!! Those planters are truly awesome. I found a wide range of beautiful planters at Gardener's Supply.

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