Swimsuit Find: Coverage and cost

So I compared prices (including fast shipping) for the swimsuits I was looking at online and wasn't very pleased. Victoria's definitely has the best prices and I even found additional coupon codes online. However, I decided that as gorgeous as some of the swimsuits I previously chose were, I need a swimsuit that I can wear to everyday events (like BBQs) as well as exotic vacations (like our trip to Malaysia).
I also added into my choosing factors that I wanted a wide waistband (so not to accentuate my larger thighs) and a top that I would feel comfortable getting thrown around in the ocean and then popping up to the surface (i.e. no boobs plopping out for all to see).
I spent the bulk of Sunday afternoon visiting every shop I knew carried swimsuits. Finally, we drove far enough to reach the Target where I found two outstanding swimsuits that covered my list of qualities above.
1. Mossimo Black Mix-and-Match Bikini (the suit I purchased is actually a dark wine color but I couldn't find an image of it online)
2. MB Embroidered Bikini

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