Etsy Picks: Vintage Books

I was so excited about the vintage book I recently received that I began to search for more classic books I grew up reading. I would love to have an entire library of bare-boned hardback books with their sleeves removed. I love the texture and look of book covers by themselves. Here are some books that would be great shelf fillers:

1. Around the World ($4) 2. 1965 Esquire Party Book ($9.50)
3. A Girl of the Limberlost ($40) I used to LOVE this movie growing up.
4. If I Were Going ($3) 5. Replogle World Atlas ($9)
6. Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing ($18) 7. 255 Party Games to Play ($6)
8. 1920s Nature Library: 5 Volume Set ($40) 9. Elephants Can Remember ($10- one in a set of two) 10. Science Stories: Book 3 ($10) 11. Common Words Difficult to Spell ($15)

These are some books I would love to add to my small collection of children's books:

1. The Black Hole ($5) 2. Whistle for Willie ($1.50)
3. The Story of Babar ($4.50) A favorite of mine. 4. There's a Nightmare in My Closet ($2)
5. The Taxi That Hurried ($4.50) 6. The Mouse and the Motorcycle ($1) What kid doesn't love this book? 7. The Tale of Peter Rabbit ($10) 8. Trudy's First Day at Camp ($7.50)
9. I Wish, I Wish ($8) 10. Aesop's Fables ($7) The classic fables we all hear while growing up.

There were also a few vintage books I came across that had amazing illustrations that I would love to use as artwork on my bare, white walls. Here are some of my favorite finds:

1. Lion Cub Scout Book ($10) 2. What Shall I Cook Today? ($7.50) These images would be so fun to frame for your kitchen wall. 3. A Day of Autumn ($6.50) The colors in these illustrations are fabulous! 4. The Peacock Party ($24.50) 5. Rainbow Sunset India Pulp Novel ($10.20)
6. The Lions Cavalcade ($22.50)

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