Pampering and Nail Polish

I used up my relaxation time during our vacation by getting pampered at the hotel. I had my first Thai massage and I'm still unsure if I would try it again. My body is still aching three days later.
I also got a pedicure to prep up my sandal feet. I love the OPI nail polish used at salons and I found that OPI has partnered up with Sephora to sell some great nail polish colors. They've come up with some great names for the polish colors, like "Meramaid to Order", "Meet for Drinks", " What's a Tire Jack", and "I'm With Brad". That is a job I want- naming nail polishes!

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July 9, 2009 at 8:40 AM

I chose a red polish for this summers sandal feet.
Those names are so fun.

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