My Daily Day: Keeping the Fruits Happy

Hubby is sick today. We think he got it from a co-worker. I'm trying to keep him eating healthy foods, fruits and veggies. I made oatmeal this morning with apple juice (an Oprah mention) and added some frozen blueberries and toasted almonds.

image: Muffet's photostream

I'm also working at spicing up fruits that can seem mundane and boring. I sliced up a honeydew melon for an afternoon snack and remembered a dressing we used to make for honeydew when I worked at the dude ranch. We made a honey poppyseed dressing so I recreated my own from memory. The poppyseed really dresses up the presentation of the fruit, while the honey keeps the fruit sweet tasting. Give it a try. Tell me if you like it.

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