Flowers for my Hair: A treat from small girls

After spending part of my holiday with some of my nieces, I have come to the conclusion that large flower hairpins look good on more than just sweet little girls. A clip or two were put in my hair by the girls to keep my "hair out of my face". It really did wonders for my mangy traveling 'do so now I am in the works of getting some flower clips of my own.

Here's some great places to start looking:
Forever21: Large Blossom Hairclip ($3.80)

Mandizzle: Fuschia Gerber Daisy ($21)

Forever21: Satin Blossom Headband ($4.80)

Yellowyellowdesign: Christina's World Hairclip ($35)

Bpoetic: Petite White Hairclip ($25)

Beautiful Blossoms: Red Flower and Feather Clip ($18)

Twisted Crystals: Fresh Salmon Flower ($32)

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January 2, 2010 at 9:38 PM

These are lovely! Have you also tried here?

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