Home Updates: Windows and Rugs

As I make slow progress to de-dorm rooming our apartment (hello, we are a more mature, married couple now!), I realize that my two major missing components are
1) Rugs
2) Blinds/Curtains

I fell in love with these extremely cheap rattan blinds at K-Mart so I need to remember to measure windows and then buy, buy, buy.

Rugs on the other hand have become my all-time rival. I am too indecisive to make a decision and so the last shall we say 4 rugs we've purchased I now dislike because we opted for a, "What can we get for the lowest amount of money to cover the floors?".

I bought a bright green and white striped cotton rug from Target that has managed to stay in the office (although its not big enough for the space). Then I purchased another cotton rug from Bed Bath and Beyond. I thought I was getting a steal but then chose a horrid dark green (this rug is now in attic storage). I did manage to purchase a decent jute rug from World Market but it is a small square rug that fits just right under our coffee table. I would like this rug sitting on top of a rug that fills the entire living room. The last rug we purchased out of necessity. With the drop in temps our dressing room was too cold to step into in the morning- bare wood and all, so we picked up a furry rug at Home Depot, but we chose a funky color choice.

So why am I making such poor rug choices? Help. Please help.

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