Office/Guest Room Re-do

This procrastinator has a mother-in-law coming next week to stay with us and I need to feel like the guest room is presentable. Every time we've had guests stay in our office I feel this huge guilt trip before they arrive that it is more of a junk room/office than an office/guest room. Over time, I have pulled out some ideas from my sleeve but never acted on them (note the procrastinator bit).

So I am going to work my butt off to try and make this room more comfortable for our guest's three week long stay. Granted I will be working around some MAJOR issues:

Issue #1: The space is a rental so as much as I would love to shell out my own money to make the space my dream room, I refrain from changing pricey fixes.
Issue #2: Previous tenants painted the walls a dark orange
Issue #3: These walls are paired with our pistachio green desk (see the DIY of this desk here)
Issue #4: There is a non-working fireplace at the end of the room and two windows that are off centered on the opposite side of the room
Issue #5: We "invested" in a queen sized air mattress in college and would like to feel like it is still worth the investment (so for now, no buying a queen sized bed to wedge into the office)

All of this of course on a super small budget.

To begin, I have been gathering up room and color inspirations to help me figure out what I can do with minor changes in the space.

I'll keep you updated on this project....

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