Valentine's Party: Planning Ideas

I have been reading and dreaming up ideas for some fun Valentine's Day "get-togethers".

The first idea I fell in love with (wink, wink) came from Jessica at The Finer Things.
She lists some great ideas, like having an "Olive You" buffet of different olives. I will also be stealing her idea to lean towards an Italian theme with miniature heart shaped pizzas as hors d'oeuvres and playing Dean Martin in the background (although Frank Sinatra is always a good substitute).

I have been antsy to try baking mini pies in jars and I think Valentine's Day might be perfect!

Of course Martha Stewart's creative team has some more great ideas you can incorporate into a party for friends and family.

Using a custom photo, you could make these treat bags as favors or even as your party invites!


Or make your cupcakes with a little more chocolate like these brownie cupcakes.


Cooler weather can call for some warmer food. Serve tomato soup in small glasses and cut the grilled cheese sandwiches into heart shapes instead! (credit: mandr and A Cup of Jo)

Or you can always invite the girls over for tea and serve your tea bags with some hearts.

How do you plan on celebrating Valentine's Day this year?

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