Alice Inspirations after drinking Cold Remedies

Well, I'm not at full recovery from being sick, but I am out and about today. During my days stuck indoors, I dreamed of all things Alice in Wonderland (perhaps I was looking to find a magical bottle labeled "Drink Me" that would cure my cold within minutes- or it was just a bad mix of cold medicine and yearning to be outside celebrating Mardi Gras).


 1. Inmod: Carmilita Chandelier 2. KittyRobot: Frilly Blue Teacup Ring 3. CuriousSparrow: Tea Cup Ring 4. OhNuts: Bubble Gum Rock Candy 5. SugarandFlour: Itty Bitty Bite Sized Heart Cookies

 1. CandyWarehouse: Big Pink Ball Lollipops 2. RhinoMart: Hot Pink Flex Straws 3. Wilton: Tall Tier Cake Stand 4. BulkCandyStore: RoundUp Lollipop 5. Meijer: Cranberry Red Microfiber Chair

1. Cupcake Social: Craft Fair Collection Pinwheels 2. KaringlsShering: Queen of Hearts Ring 3. PotteryBarn: Vintage Keys 4. LillaLotta: Eat Me Drink Me Cotton Tape

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