Stalking Girl Scouts for Cookies


I recently was "hit up" for buying some Girl Scout cookies (although I feel more like I tracked down a Scout to be sure I got "hit up" for an order). This former Girl Scout is a HUGE fan of the samoas. My Dad would make bulk orders of these cookies from both my older sister and I, then he would stash them in our freezer on our back porch. My sis and I would sneak to the back porch after school to relish the goodness of Dad's cookies. We were smart to keep the stash looking complete until we had almost diminished all the boxes. I could eat an entire box of these goodies by myself in one sitting!

So, I have been anxiously awaiting my order of samoas. In the meantime I want to try making these homemade samoas from Baking Bites. Perhaps I can always satisfy my cravings without having to stalk down Girl Scouts. :)

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