Stop Vampire Power: Cut Down on your Electricity Bills

I have become very conscious of the amount of energy we use in our house once we moved into our old (50+ year old) apartment. We have been getting some outrageous electricity and gas bills recently and I've been racking my brain to think of ways to reduce our usage.
The biggest consumption may be coming as Vampire Energy. (see below)


So I am considering checking out all our major appliances in our house to see what the energy consumption of each is. You can do that with a Kill A Watt Monitor.

Once I have determined the consumption and when we could be reducing the vampire power (like while we are both at work), I can use a timer on our electrical outlets.
This timer has 6 programmable settings so the appliance can be on and off at different times of the day.
This set claims it "fully cuts power to your electrical devices at the flick of a switch," which would be a great feature for turning off the tv, microwave and other large drains of power right before heading to bed at night.


I have also been interested in finding air leaks in our apartment. This Thermal Leak Detector can show you where you have air drafts in your house.


And, if I were living in my own home and not a rental, I would be jumping all over a tankless water heater like this.

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