Bedroom Inspirations Boards: Blue Birch

I have been sketching up ideas in my mind for updating our sad-looking bedroom. I admit we still have our mattress and boxspring sitting on the floor and have one nightstand that we thrifted while in college. I am yearning for a bedroom that is clean and soothing. I've slowly been adapting dark browns and blues in the space and the hubby has hung up his Bev Dollittle print he was given when younger. The print reminds me of the aspen trees where I grew up so I have been pulling from nature to inspire our sleeping grounds.

1. CuttingEdgeStencils: Birch Forest Wall Stencil 2. CB2: Ring Holder 3. UO: Branch Jewelry Box 
4. Anthropologie: Skeem Alchemy Jar Candle 5. ZGallerie: Twig Lamps 6. Plasticland: Carved Feather Tray

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