Running Again: Restart the New Year

New Years resolutions are far from my mind and so many days long ago. I had planned to start running again, but the cold weather and too many after-work activities kept me sleeping-in every morning. 


These are two great books I purchased in December- planning ahead for my resolution to start running.



Somehow I have kept my weight even by just changing up my eating habits- being more conscious of eating healthy foods and avoiding greasy ones. As great as this sounds, I would like to feel "fit" and not just "healthy". Puma Usan

SeeJaneRun: Nike Sportband  

Nike+ iPod Sport Kit

So this weekend (with warmer weather predicted) I will be starting my old/new routine- and starting back at Day 1.


 Dick's Sporting Goods: Nathan Reflective Belt 

Dick's Sporting Goods: Adidas Climacool Reflective Cap

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