Craigslist Find: Campaign Furniture Set and a Surprise

I had a moment yesterday where I felt like I was thieving the nicest couple. Two days ago I spotted a Campaign dresser set on CL for only $65- I couldn't believe my eyes! So I called up the seller ASAP and scheduled an appt. to see the set yesterday. 

 (This is the CL photo. I will post photos of the entire set later.)

When I got there I was excited to see that both dressers where in decent condition and were in fact "Campaign" furniture. But the kicker is that the husband found that they had another matching dresser and desk stowed away!! He thought they had a matching twin bed but he thinks it got ruined by a flood. So I snagged the whole set for much less than what it could be worth, but that's the beauty of Craigslist, right? Plus, the couple just really wanted to get the stuffed hauled off and weren't concerned about making money. 

I can't wait to get my new set to the house and scrubbed up so I can start making them look like this:

I am still undecided on what color I want to paint the set. Should they all be matching colors, even though the set will be spread throughout the house?

I like the look of the clean white but unless we paint our walls with some color this time, I don't want white walls and white furniture again- it gets blasé. I'm working on making our home look more grown-up like and less "we just graduated from college and got married" like. :)

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