A Hunter Substitute

Yeah, yeah. Hunter boots are all the rage and I agree that their simplicity is appealing, but the price tag just won't allow me to bring the purchase to reality. 

You'd think that this New Orleans gal would have invested in some rain boots before she even moved down here to the South, but after the return of our third Spring, I was still rain boot-less.

That is until I spotted these Hunter look-a-likes from Unionbay. I am always hesitant to purchase anything for my feet online because I have feet that can sometimes be between a size 8 and size 9. I decided to go for it (return them if too small). The boots came in the mail the day of our move and I am thrilled! These boots are amazing! Now if only it would rain again for Jazz Fest so I can test out my affordable wellies.

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April 7, 2010 at 2:56 PM

so cute, that is a bargain, my Mother got me a pair of nave blue hunters from an outlet store!
I was thinking of investing in a pair of liners they look so cozy.

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