Our new home.

I thought I would share some quick photos of our new house. We've got some work to do, but I'm excited for the challenge!

We have this amazingly long driveway with carport and garage. The garage is in pretty bad shape- including a mysterious hill covered by a blue tarp towards the back of the space. We have yet to brave the uncovering....

The backyard is a scraggly but we have a large magnolia tree for shade and two renters who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty :)

We downsized in space for our living room and dining room. Now we have a small shared space that I am struggling to rework to fit our furniture. I keep reminding myself that this move was meant to be a downsize because we are saving to buy our own place.

We're still unpacking and its a slow process. We are going to have to find new ways to organize our belongings and shed what is unnecessary.

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