Weekend Warriors and a Bathroom Inspiration

This weekend we became official "weekend warriors." We replaced two sink faucets, hacked down dead bushes, hauled a rotting swimming pool out of the back of our garage and somehow managed to eat and sleep.

I also started tackling my bathroom (or the main bathroom that I have claimed as my own). I ripped off old decorative plaques from the water rotting vanity- which had been painted over numerous times and just didn't to it any justice. I'm thinking I could use epoxy to fill over the rot and repaint to give it an update without replacing the entire vanity.

This is the inspiration board I have put together for this bathroom. 

  (click on the image to see larger)

The tile is old and outdated so I'm trying to work around it with similar colors. I am considering trying a tile paint job. Anyone been successful with this?

I also tackled updating the fixtures on the front of the house (mailbox, light, etc.) I will update on those soon.

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