Homemade Goodness: Ethiopian Bread and Apple Butter

This weekend I tried my hand at making Ethiopian Honey-Spice Bread. I have been saving this recipe from The Wednesday Chef on my desktop for months now and finally was inspired to try it out while the hubby took an afternoon nap.

I must say that the bread was easy to make (and I've made quite an amount of bread in my short life working in kitchens)! I was worried about the dough being too sticky, but that's how it should be. The dough takes some time to rise, but I dabbled in the yard with the weeds for awhile and that seemed to be long enough. 

We couldn't wait to slice up this bread because the smell coming from the oven was heaven! We decided to crack open a jar of my dad's homemade apple butter to spread on the warm bread. 

The verdict: we have been eating the bread and butter non-stop since it came out of the oven.

Lace Brush on Recipe Card: Inobscuro

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