Situps vs. video games and built-in undies

I have started back up my running regiment. I know, I know - I was supposed to keep this up since January, but things came up (like chilly weather in New Orleans and losing Audubon Park after moving to a new neighborhood). I could honestly make up excuses all day if you asked me to.

In fact the only reason I am rebooting the routine is because of Uncharted 2. Yes, that's correct, it's a video game that has sucked my husband from me. We've purchased and borrowed new games since he completed Uncharted 2, but he's become so addicted to the online game that they've all fallen to the wayside. So the other night when I wanted to watch my show and he wanted to play Uncharted 2 for his 2nd hour that day, we struck a deal (or should I say, HE struck a deal). He made a deal with me that he would reduce the amount of his game time for every sit up I completed. Now I was desperate to reduce ANY game time at this point so I dropped down to the living room floor and started counting off....1. 2. 3. 4. 5....Let's just say I only made it to 70 total situps and that was with two breaks in between! I was so disappointed in myself, but the honesty of having to tell myself that I knew I wouldn't be able to crunch out 300 situps at the drop of a hat when I hadn't pushed my body to do anything but eat an extra slice of pizza when it said it was full. 

The real kicker came when I felt the ache of my 70 situps the next day at work. So, I drove my unfit butt to a nearby sports store and did what any denied shopaholic would do. I bought myself some new running digs! I haven't had real running shorts (the kind with wedgie-proof built in undies) since I was in high school. If you think this is gross, you haven't ran on a public track with a major wedgie up your butt.

This purchase put me in to overhaul. I got home, showed off my new digs to the hubby and was off to the track to run some laps. It felt good to whizz pass all the old people walking the track. I even raced a little four year old up and down the straight way a few times to show off how awesome my built in undies were. So naturally, I will be starting up my running regiment again....

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