Rain means a bedroom overhaul

Since it has been raining here off and on (and usually only raining when I have free time) I haven't been able to finish this project. I know, I know. That was ages ago, right?

This is a before image of our bedroom.

So instead I have been directing my need to complete projects by working on pulling together our bedroom. We are the pathetic couple who bought a fabulous new mattress almost two years ago and are still sleeping with it directly on the floor :) When we got home from our stay in the French Quarter this past weekend for our anniversary, I realized how low our bed really was to the ground! My dreams are to get a wooden bedframe or create a DIY headboard like this or this or this and attach it to a metal bedframe. As simple as this sounds, it is going to be excrusiatingly hard to make these decisions.

 I love this wooden headboard (via Metropolitan Home)

But I also love this tack trimmed headboard (via decor pad)

In the meantime I am adding decorations to the room. I picked this up to hang above our bed (opposite the wall from our Bev Doolitle prints) and put one of these over my DIY blackout curtain. Surprisingly, the new blind helps keep the corners of the blackout curtain tucked into the window frame so we get even less light in the bedroom now. We love it!

Bev Doolittle's Two More Indians

During a recent meandering walk through Home Depot I spotted these wall lamps (here and here). I have wanted to get us matching swing arm lamps for either side of the bed, but most lamps seem to be too maw-maw for me still. I like both of these, but I think we're leaning towards the bronze finish.

Some images I'm swooning:

via Elle Decor's Lookbook

via Elle Decor's Lookbook


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