Growing Up: Skin Rash vs. The Doctor

I was able to use up my Monday off by finally getting in to see a Doctor about my skin rash.

This is when I realized that I have had too few visits to Doctor's in my life, aside from my streak of strep throat I had as a child. This realization came as I was sitting in the back of the doctor's office, waiting for hims to come see me.

I was being very mature as I waited. I watched some news and wrote a few reminders for the day down in my notebook. As soon as the doctor came in and asked me what brought me in to see him, I felt the urge to start crying. Yes, like a helpless child I stammered, "I was just trying to pull up the overgrown weeds in our backyard . There wasn't any poison ivy that I spotted, but there could have been . I think the weeds were Virginia Creeper and I read that some people can get skin rashes from it just like poison ivy! I thought I had the rash under control, but then it just started spreading again!" 

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This is not a life or death situation. The doctor looked over my arms and knees, said he was surprised I didn't have any infections from having the rash for so long. He started telling me about two different cortisone shots I could take, which I pointed out with childishness that I'm not a shot person. I went home with two meds and the need to grow up...

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