Bathroom Ick: In Progress

FYI: this bathroom looks much better than it did when we first moved in, but it still makes me think "Ick."

The blinds to be installed are rolled up on the floor (they are needed to hide the peeling inside the window frame). Notice the floor? They're stick-on laminate tiles in a gross reddish-brown. Ugh.

We're not fans of the cheap, pre-fab bathroom cabinets, but for now this one will have to stay. I dream of floating shelves residing on this wall.

The black mirror was put up last weekend to replace the miniature mirrored cabinet that was hung only high enough for a midget to see into. Granted, we are short people...but the mirror was just way too low. When we removed it from the wall to place it higher up, we noticed that the wall was painted around the cabinet only. Luckily we had this spare black mirror. It totally transformed the space!

I have plans to replace the hardware on this sink cabinet and perhaps give it a fresh coat of paint.

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