Classic becomes Digital: Rolleiflex Minidigi

Have you ever dreamed of getting your hands on a classic Rolleiflex camera? I have do all the time. The only problem is that I really hate messing around with film. I am notorious for ruining my photos because of my poor handling of the camera's film. At one time I considered just buying a vintage Rolleiflex and using it as decor just to drool over it everyday. 

But now my sights have changed....

Introducing the Rolleiflex Minidigi.

The Rolleiflex Minidigi resembles a shrunken version of the original, including the 2.8F twin lens reflex, a hand crank lever, shutter release, neck strap holder, and hooded viewfinder.

Available for purchase here. Retail price: $279.99

This may seem pricey for a "toy" version of the original, but if you love the nostalgia of it all it seems worth it.

Perhaps one of my favorite features:  

"Just like the original Rolleiflex, the MiniDigi has a 'film advance' crank lever on its side. Although it uses no film, a turn of this crank readies the camera for the next shot."

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