DIY Dining Table: Researching Layout Options

It's been too long since I've posted and I've been too busy. My apologies if you were holding your breath in anticipation of my next post. (You shouldn't have.)

You may remember that I had mentioned the hubby and I looking at building a dining room table for our little house. My sister, brother-in-law and new niece will be staying with us for Thanksgiving so we'd like to be able to serve turkey dinner without bumping elbows (our mini Ikea table just won't cut it and we've been looking to upgrade for some time now). The reason our old table hasn't been replaced before is that I have yet to find my dream table or a price I could handle paying for an "almost" dream table.

After watching an episode of Design on a Dime weeks ago, I thought about the possibility of building my own. The episode was a young couple updating their loft and the designers wanted to bring the outdoors inside. They built a beautiful coffee table for the couple out of old wood planks and trimmed the table with some kind of metal edging. My mind started ticking....

 This is the only image I could find online from the episode- and this is as big as it gets. Anyone know how I can watch the show again or find a better image?

Hubby is on board with the idea but because he is Mr. Math we will of course be calculating out all lengths and angles before any cuts are made or boards bought.

These are some ideas we've been looking at currently:

via: here

via: here

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