Overstock: New Item Favorites

I am addicted to Overstock.com lately and I spotted some items I would love to see in person (aka in my home).

Here are my favorite finds from their new items:
7. Black Tabouret Stacking Chairs (Set of 4); 8. Small Blooming Lotus White Silk Hanging Lamp

I love the red Tolix-like stools, but I'm happy with my black versions because I think more red furniture in my house could be overkill. I am working up plans for building a dining table for our house and I think the white Tabouret chairs could look beautiful with the design. We'll see....

Also, I think the Blooming Lotus Lamp could be a good replacement if you've been wanting the Lotus Flower Chandelier.

found here

What do you think? Is this an adequate replacement? 

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