Today's Outfit: In a Rush

For months I have enjoyed checking out some of my favorite bloggers daily outfits and during the time I spent looking at their outfits I was neglecting my own. A few weeks ago I started thinking that perhaps I could try my hand at actually dressing up and documenting it for my blog peeps. This totally for me, not for you. But you will keep me on the straight path to putting together outfits rather than, "What tee shirt is clean?" and "Where are my comfy jeans?"

So of course yesterday I decided to claim today as my first outfit post. And of course today was the day that I slept in and was running late. Thus, I present to you.....Miss Eye Bags.

You're so excited to see more, right?  :)

Shirt/Scarf: Kmart
Nine West Belt: TJMaxx
Pants: Kmart

This is quite a thrifty outfit I pulled together as well! The pants and top/scarf all came from Kmart. The pants I purchased earlier this summer and the top I recently came across. I love the top because the hem is longer in the back than the front, which gives it a fun dimension while also keeping my tush covered up on days I don't feel flattering. I know, I know. I'll try to do better next time. At least I'm starting, right?

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