DIY: Doily Napkins

While in search of some inspiring decorations for the joint birthday party I'm planning, I came across these great images:

img via: Once Wed

I loved the napkins and wanted to recreate the printed doily look. I like the raw edges of the napkins but with time against me I decided to forgo sewing around raw edges (you'd do this to keep the napkin from unraveling while still keeping the edges frayed). I snatched up two sets of plain napkins at WorldMarket (while shopping for some wine for the party). 

 I went looking for fabric paint at Michael's at discovered that they sell permanent paint in spray bottles, ready for application. I decided to go with white paint so it would highlight the doily on the darker colored napkin.

 Also online: Beverly's

I love how these turned out! I chose colors that would not only work for this party, but could work for several other occasions (I'm seeing a snow theme to them for winter time).

When using the fabric spray paint, but sure to press the napkin with the paint side down. For extra precaution, I placed a piece of cardstock paper between the paint side of the fabric and my ironing board.

The paint is soft so you don't have to worry about fabric stiffness. (Who wants to wipe their face with hard, dried paint?) 

I'll be posting more birthday party items next week, so keep your eyes open!

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